Our Partners

Transformation Jackson:
The Georgetown community is part of “Ground Zero” an area identified by Transformation Jackson, a faith based community development movement. “Ground Zero” has been identified as the area from Ellis Avenue to Bailey Avenue and from Woodrow Wilson Drive to US Highway 80. Transformation Jackson is a group recently formed by church and community leaders in Jackson as a way to focus their interests on a particular part of the city in order to make effective change. Transformation Jackson partners with volunteers and financial contributors from all over Metro area and works with local nonprofits to meet their needs. As a founding member of Transformation Jackson, NCC’s Executive Director, James Turner continues to build on equipping others in the city Jackson with the opportunities to serve.

Mission Mississippi:
Our partnership with Mission Mississippi is based on our belief in the body of Christ and the racial redemption that is possible through His grace. NCC works with Mission Mississippi’s to support its goal: “To encourage and demonstrate unity in the Body of Christ across racial and denominational lines so that communities throughout Mississippi can better understand the gospel message.” NCC believes that it is important to partner with organizations such as Mission Mississippi for the purpose of unity in the body of Christ.